Jochen Rink
Director more

Staff Scientists

Klaske Schippers
Staff Scientist more
Andrei Rozanski
Lead Scientist Bioinformatics more
Tobias Boothe
Lead Scientist Microscopy Unit more
Miquel Vila Farré
Project Leader Planarian Biodiversity more
Rick Kluiver
Planarian Collection Manager more


Uri Weill
PostDoc more
Peter Ditte
Postdoc more

PhD Students

Thomas Brochier
PhD Student more
Mario Ivanković
PhD Student more
Jun-Ru Lee
PhD Student more

Maria Lina Moroni
PhD Student more
Annabel Maisl
PhD Student more

Administrative Assistant

Sandra Kaddatz
Assistant to Jochen Rink and team more

Technical Assistants

Delia Niehaus
Lab Manager more
Maren Brockmeyer
Technical Assistant more

Laboratory Assistants

Karin Hartwig
Laboratory Assistant more
Claudia Koch
Laboratory Assistant more
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