Technical Service

Our technical service supports our employees with qualified personnel. The technical service facilities range from the IT & Electronics Service and Precision Mechanics to Building Management and Carpentry.

IT & Electronics Service
The  IT & Electronics Service provides software and hardware support for PCs, Macs, printers, and other electronic equipment. We develop and build special electronic devices and supply a wide selction of elctronic materials. The group is in charge of central IT services such as the WEB server, file and print servers, and network services. more
Construction management
In the research building, laboratory, office and service areas are made available to the users in a spatially concentrated manner in order to promote interdisciplinary research work. more
Facility Management
The facility management team is responsible for all technical facilities and infrastructure at the institute. All maintenance work as well as minor and major repairs are carried out by our team. Reconstruction or modifications of technical equipment are realized from planning and implementation to documentation. more
Workshop for Precision Mechanics
The precision mechanics workshop and locksmith's shop manufacture new equipment for scientists, maintain, repair, and modify existing equipment and advise on equipment design and process selection, and all other questions relating to the design of new equipment. more
The workshop offers services from construction to consultation to all institute members. We design our solutions according to the needs of institute members or offer advice in the purchase of finished parts or construction. more
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