Manfred Eigen-Förderstiftung

Manfred Eigen-Förderstiftung

The MANFRED EIGEN-FÖRDERSTIFTUNG is a dependent foundation established within the private assets of the Max Planck Society.

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the MANFRED EIGEN-FÖRDERSTIFTUNG is to preserve excellence in science and research at our institute in cooperation with its partner institutes (Max Planck Institutes and university institutes) at the research hub in Göttingen.

The MANFRED EIGEN-FÖRDERSTIFTUNG is a non-profit organization that supports projects and events that receive little or no public funding or are not eligible for public sponsorship. This includes merit-based awards for employees, science events at the Institute as well as scientific projects that – even though funding bodies deem them important and interesting – are considered “too risky” and therefore generally do not receive funding.

Goals of the Foundation

  • Fostering top-level research and preserving scientific excellence in Göttingen by funding outstanding researchers and their scientific projects
  • Promoting scientific exchange by organizing conventions, symposiums, courses, seminars and lecture series and by attracting exceptional speakers
  • Fostering international relations and creating opportunities for encountering and engaging in an exchange with internationally renowned researchers
  • Supporting international individuals and research groups, especially junior scientists, to help settle in Göttingen, in order to ensure an intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. This support includes long- and short-term scholarships for scientists, as well as travel costs for attending international workshops and meetings
  • Expanding the existing scientific multi- and interdisciplinarity at the Institute so that this exchange may give impetus for innovation
  • Establishing creative scope by building a bridge between science and arts & culture to create new stimuli for research. The aim is to complement and enrich the scientific exchange by adding an artistic-cultural component, as creativity and communication are the essential common denominators of both research and arts & culture
  • Providing funding for Institute employees to honor exceptional achievements and merits for science, such as producing outstanding publications, developing innovative working methods or demonstrating special commitment for the benefit of the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences
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