Lectures, Seminars & Events at the Göttingen Campus

Lectures, Seminars & Events at the Göttingen Campus

Current seminars at the institute are listed below. Descriptions of our seminar series and further information can be found on the left. All events and seminars at the Göttingen Campus can be found in the Göttingen Campus Event Calendar.

Scientific Seminar: When the images are talking to us. Application of imaging mass spectrometry in clinical translational research.

Scientific Seminar

MPI CAMPUS SEMINAR: Revisiting the Link between Spatial Gene Regulation and the Mediator Complex


MPI-NAT-Seminar: Design principles of early animals: Insights from Cnidaria


Scientific Seminar: Kinetic dissection of recycling vesicle pool along a close-loop pathway at the Calyx of Held synapses

Scientific Seminar

MPI-NAT Seminar: Non-Canonical Molecular Biology of Bacteriophages

MPI-NAT Seminar

Manfred Eigen Award Lecture: Molecular Origami: Protein Folding and Misfolding in Health and Disease

Manfred Eigen Award Lecture
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