Our institute currently consists of 13 departments, 10 Emeritus groups and 25 research groups with their own research focus. These are supported through central scientific and general service facilities. With more than 1000 people – among half of them scientists – our institute is the largest in the Max Planck Society and unique in its multidisciplinary approach.

To maintain a high scientific standard, an advisory board of international scientists regularly assesses the research undertaken here. A board of trustees, composed of scientists as well as representatives from industry and politics, supports the integration of the institute's work into the wider social context.


Our institute is under the scientific and administrative direction of our Board of Directors. This is headed by the Managing Director for a period of two years, who implements the decisions of the Board of Directors and manages the day-to-day business.

Managing Director: Holger Stark

Deputy Managing Director: Melina Schuh

Head of Administration: Detlef Steinmann

Employee Representatives

Ombudspersons of the institute: Luis Pardo, Wolfgang Wintermeyer

Section Member of Scientific Staff: Hauke Werner

Equal Opportunity Representative: Ulrike Gerischer; Deputy Equal Opportunity Representatives: Henriette Irmer, Wiebke Möbius, and Boguslawa Sadowski

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