Karin Hartwig

Karin Hartwig

Laboratory Assistant


Tel. +49 551 201-26156

Karin was trained as a commercial clerk and continued to work in this profession after her exam until the clothing factory shut down. After having raised her children, she started working as an animal handler in the BTL in 2001. From 2005, she switched to 50% in molecular developmental biology, where she was responsible for the crosses of Drosophila, selecting the crossings and analyzing and documenting physiological and cell biological parameters using biochemical assaysand fluorescence microscopy. From 2010 onwards she was 100% responsible for the media kitchen, Drosophila stocks and feed production as well as for cleaning the work materials. She also gladly took on organizational tasks. Since May 2019 she has been part of Jochen Rink's team in the media kitchen.

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