Ferenc Kagan

Ferenc Kagan



Tel. +49 551 201-26111

Curiosity has always been my driving force in every endeavor. If something piqued my interest, I pursued it. Over time, my fascination narrowed to the natural sciences, with a keen focus on all things living and evolving. During my B.Sc. studies in Hungary, I realized that my academic path would revolve around the questions of regeneration, with a comparative approach.

For my Ph.D., I had the privilege of exploring comparative approaches in the unique critter zoo of the Hejnol lab in Norway. There, I learned to appreciate the challenges and rewards of working with non-model systems. After a brief detour in the industry, I realized that my insatiable curiosity could only be satisfied through academic research.

I stumbled upon an extraordinary opportunity to join the Rink lab as a postdoc, and the transition back to research was seamless. Our shared vision with Jochen was to unravel the genomic and evolutionary events related to flatworms with regeneration defects. The central question we tackle: what mechanisms lead to regeneration defects in flatworms? Using various computational approaches, I embarked on an exciting journey to shed light on this question.

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