Ivonne Thanhäuser

Ivonne Thanhäuser

Technical Assistant


Tel. +49 551 201-26121

Since 1996 I worked at the Max Planck Institute in the Department of Molecular Neurobiology as a technical assistant and was part of the staff of the DNA-Core-Facility (AGCT-Lab) first under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Südhof and since 2001 under the direction of Prof. Nils Brose.

I was mainly responsible for the execution and evaluation of numerous mutant mouse lines, these high-throughput genotypings were performed with the help of a Hamillton robot and then analyzed by fragment analysis systems (DNA analyzer). Oligonucleotide production and sequencing were my favorite tasks.

In March 2023 I moved to the department of Dr. Jochen Rink and I am looking forward to the new tasks that are waiting for me here and especially to the challenges in working with the flatworms.

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