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Tracking molecular movements with nanometer precision using MINSTED
Stefan Hell and his research teams in Göttingen and Heidelberg have extended the MINSTED method to the high-resolution tracking of molecular movements. This enabled them to track the movements of the motor protein kinesin with unprecedented precision.
World’s fastest electron microscope films light oscillations using quantum interference
A research team from Göttingen and Barcelona (Spain) has used the quantum mechanical interference of electrons to visualize light field oscillations in a nanostructure. more
Heating and cooling are fundamentally asymmetric
If you take a coin out of an ice bath, it warms up over time. Likewise, a hot coin that you have just taken out of a sauna cools down. The fact that systems, here the coin, thermally adapt to their environment is due to the heat flow that results from temperature differences. more


Laser pulse creates exotic order in quantum material
Researchers from the MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences in Göttingen, in collaboration with colleagues from Kiel University, have now successfully created a state in a crystalline material that – similar to the structure of liquid crystals – can be described as neither clearly liquid nor clearly crystalline. more
Multiple sclerosis: Myelin may threaten nerve fiber survival
Studies provide new insights into the mechanisms of the disease (in German) more


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