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Trevisiol, A.; Kusch, K.; Steyer, A. M.; Gregor, I.; Nardis, C.; Winkler, U.; Köhler, S.; Restrepo, A.; Möbius, W.; Werner, H. B. et al.; Nave, K.-A.; Hirrlinger, J.: Structural myelin defects are associated with low axonal ATP levels but rapid recovery from energy deprivation in a mouse model of spastic paraplegia. PLOS Biology 18 (11), e3000943 (2020)
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Moore, S.; Meschkat, M.; Ruhwedel, T.; Trevisiol, A.; Tzvetanova, I.; Battefeld, A.; Kusch, K.; Kole, M. H. P.; Strenzke, N.; Möbius, W. et al.; de Hoz, L.; Nave, K.-A.: A role of oligodendrocytes in information processing. Nature Communications 11 (1), 5497 (2020)
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Eichel, M. A.; Gargareta, V.-I.; D’Este, E.; Fledrich, R.; Kungl, T.; Buscham, T. J.; Lüders, K. A.; Miracle, C.; Jung, R. B.; Distler, U. et al.; Kusch, K.; Möbius, W.; Hülsmann, S.; Tenzer, S.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.: CMTM6 expressed on the adaxonal Schwann cell surface restricts axonal diameters in peripheral nerves. Nature Communications 11 (1), 4514 (2020)
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Marshall-Phelps, K. L. H.; Kegel, L.; Baraban, M.; Ruhwedel, T.; Almeida, R. G.; Rubio-Brotons, M.; Klingseisen, A.; Benito-Kwiecinski, S. K.; Early, J. J.; Bin, J. M. et al.; Suminaite, D.; Livesey, M. R.; Möbius, W.; Poole, R. J.; Lyons, D. A.: Neuronal activity disrupts myelinated axon integrity in the absence of NKCC1b. Journal of Cell Biology 219 (7), 201909022 (2020)
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Steyer, A. M.; Ruhwedel, T.; Nardis, C.; Werner, H. B.; Nave, K.-A.; Möbius, W.: Pathology of myelinated axons in the PLP-deficient mouse model of spastic paraplegia type 2 revealed by volume imaging using focused ion beam-scanning electron microscopy. Journal of Structural Biology 210 (2), 107492 (2020)
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Cohen, C. C. H.; Popovic, M. A.; Klooster, J.; Weil, M.-T.; Möbius, W.; Nave, K.-A.; Kole, M. H. P.: Saltatory Conduction along Myelinated Axons Involves a Periaxonal Nanocircuit. Cell 180 (2), pp. 311 - 322.e15 (2020)
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