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Patzig, J.; Jahn, O.; Tenzer, S.; Wichert, S. P.; De Monasterio-Schrader, P.; Rosfa, S.; Kuharev, J.; Yan, K.; Bormuth, I.; Bremer, J. et al.; Aguzzi, A.; Orfaniotou, F.; Hesse, D.; Schwab, M. H.; Möbius, W.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.: Quantitative and integrative proteome analysis of peripheral nerve myelin identifies novel myelin proteins and candidate neuropathy loci. Journal of Neuroscience 31 (45), pp. 16369 - 16386 (2011)
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Beham, A. W.; Puellmann, K.; Laird, R.; Fuchs, T.; Streich, R.; Breysach, C.; Raddatz, D.; Oniga, S.; Peccerella, T.; Findeisen, P. et al.; Kzhyshkowska, J.; Gratchev, A.; Schweyer, S.; Saunders, B.; Wessels, J. T.; Möbius, W.; Keane, J.; Becker, H.; Ganser, A.; Neumaier, M.; Kaminski, W. E.: A TNF-regulated recombinatorial macrophage immune receptor implicated in granuloma formation in tuberculosis. PLoS Pathogens 7 (11), e1002375 (2011)
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Schieb, H.; Kratzin, H.; Jahn, O.; Möbius, W.; Rabe, S.; Staufenbiel, M.; Wiltfang, J.; Klafki, H. W.: Beta-Amyloid peptide variants in brains and cerebrospinal fluid from amyloid precursor protein (APP) transgenic mice: comparison with human Alzheimer amyloid. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (39), pp. 33747 - 33758 (2011)
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Mersmann, N.; Tkachev, D.; Jelinek, R.; Röth, P. T.; Möbius, W.; Ruhwedel, T.; Rühle, S.; Weber-Fahr, W.; Sartorius, A.; Klugmann, M.: Aspartoacylase-LacZ knockin mice: an engineered model of Canavan disease. PLoS ONE 6 (5), e20336 (2011)
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Feldmann, A.; Amphornrat, J.; Schönherr, M.; Winterstein, C.; Möbius, W.; Ruhwedel, T.; Danglot, L.; Nave, K.-A.; Galli, T.; Bruns, D. et al.; Trotter, J.; Krämer-Albers, E.-M.: Transport of the major myelin proteolipid protein is directed by VAMP3 and VAMP7. Journal of Neuroscience 31 (15), pp. 5659 - 5672 (2011)
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Kassmann, C. M.; Quintes, S.; Rietdorf, J.; Möbius, W.; Sereda, M. W.; Nientiedt, T.; Saher, G.; Baes, M.; Nave, K.-A.: A role for myelin-associated peroxisomes in maintaining paranodal loops and axonal integrity. FEBS Letters 585, pp. 2205 - 2211 (2011)
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Syed, Y. A.; Hand, E.; Möbius, W.; Zhao, C.; Hofer, M.; Nave, K.-A.; Kotter, M. R.: Inhibition of CNS remyelination by the presence of semaphorin 3A. Journal of Neuroscience 31 (10), pp. 3719 - 3728 (2011)
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