Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

Theoretical and Computational Biophysics

Our research aims at an understanding of the physics and function of proteins, protein complexes, and other biomolecular structures at the atomic level. For this purpose, complex computer simulations of the atomistic dynamics are carried out. Read more about our research projects at our RESEARCH website.

Visit our Carreer Website for further information. more

Our Research Groups

Helmut's scientific writing guidelines

Struggling with writing your paper draft or thesis? Here’s advice my students found helpful over the years. It’s version 1.0 -- Comments, suggestions, corrections highly appreciated! more

Press releases & research news 

Research Group of Helmut Grubmüller

Researchers around Holger Stark and Niels Fischer of the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, together with colleagues, succeeded to visualize complex movements at the ribosome which explain its astounding accuracy in cellular protein production. They were able to elucidate in atomic detail how the ribosome reliably integrates the correct amino acid into a protein. (in German) more

Research Group of Bert de Groot

The biophysicist at the institute receives about 1.1 million euros funding for the next three years, together with two colleagues. With the grant’s help, the researchers will investigate the physiological effects of ultrasound waves on ion channel signaling. more

Research Group of Aljaz Godec

Kristian Blom and Aljaž Godec at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry successfully exploited the Ising model – which was originally used to describe ferromagnetism – to understand how the avidity of adhesion receptors and the strength of cellular adhesion can be regulated by mechanics. more

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