Mathematical bioPhysics

Mathematical bioPhysics

Open PhD Position in the Godec Group
... in the field of “Theory of non-equilibrium stochastic many-body systems constrained by conservation laws” more
Open Postdoc Positions funded through a AVH fellowship within the Henritte Herz program
... in the research group of Aljaz Godec. Your application is most wecome! more

We develop and apply the methods of mathematical physics and the theory of stochastic processes to study phenomena in biophysics. Our main research focus is currently the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of single molecules. In particular, we aim at a trajectory-based description of macromolecular conformation dynamics as well as of their spatial transport, binding, and reactions. In our work we employ a combination of rigorous analysis corroborated by computer simulations.

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Heating and cooling are fundamentally asymmetric

If you take a coin out of an ice bath, it warms up over time. Likewise, a hot coin that you have just taken out of a sauna cools down. The fact that systems, here the coin, thermally adapt to their environment is due to the heat flow that results from temperature differences. more

<strong>EU funding for novel mathematical approaches in biophysical research</strong>

Aljaz Godec. leader of the Mathematical bioPhysics research group, receives a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The competition for the funding is fierce: The ERC selected only 371 of 2,222 applications in this round. more

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10 most recent papers

Blom, K.; Song, K.; Vouga E.; Godec, A.; Makarov, D. E.:
Milestoning estimators of dissipation in systems observed at a coarse resolution
PNAS, 121 (17) e2318333121
Zhao, X.; Hartich, D.; Godec, A.:
Emergence of Memory in Equilibrium versus Nonequilibrium Systems
Physical Review Lettetrs 132, 147101
Ibáñez, M.; Dieball, C.; Lasanta, A.; Godec, A.; Rica, R. A.: Heating and cooling are fundamentally asymmetric and evolve along distinct pathways. Nature Physics 20, pp. 135 - 141 (2024)
Bebon, R.; Godec, A.: Controlling Uncertainty of Empirical First-Passage Times in the Small-Sample Regime. Physical Review Letters 131 (23), 237101 (2023)
Dieball, C.; Wellecke, G.; Godec, A.: Asymmetric thermal relaxation in driven systems: Rotations go opposite ways. Physical Review Research 5 (4), L042030 (2023)
Dieball, C.; Godec, A.: Feynman-Kac theory of time-integrated functionals: Itô versus functional calculus. Journal of Physics A 56 (15), 155002 (2023)
Dieball, C.; Godec, A.: Direct Route to Thermodynamic Uncertainty Relations and Their Saturation. Physical Review Letters 130 (8), 087101 (2023)
Blom, K.; Ziethen, N.; Zwicker, D.; Godec, A.: Thermodynamically consistent phase-field theory including nearest-neighbor pair correlations. Physical Review Research 5 (1), 013135 (2023)
Bebon, R.;  Godec A.
Controlling uncertainty of empirical first-passage times in the small-sample regime
submitted on Jan 20, 2023: arXiv:2301.08732 [cond-mat.stat-mech]
Godec, A.; Makarov, D. E.: Challenges in Inferring the Directionality of Active Molecular Processes from Single-Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Trajectories. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14 (1), pp. 49 - 56 (2023)

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