Mathematical bioPhysics

Mathematical bioPhysics

We develop and apply the methods of mathematical physics and the theory of stochastic processes to study phenomena in biophysics. Our main research focus is currently the non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of single molecules. In particular, we aim at a trajectory-based description of macromolecular conformation dynamics as well as of their spatial transport, binding, and reactions. In our work we employ a combination of rigorous analysis corroborated by computer simulations.

Press releases & research news

Cell Adhesion Explained Through Many-Body Physics

Kristian Blom and Aljaž Godec at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry successfully exploited the Ising model – which was originally used to describe ferromagnetism – to understand how the avidity of adhesion receptors and the strength of cellular adhesion can be regulated by mechanics. more

<span>Warming is faster than cooling if objects are sufficiently small</span>

Sufficiently small systems warm up faster than they cool down. Aljaz Godec and Allesio Lapolla have now mathematically proven this unforeseen asymmetry. They have shown that the counterplay of potential energy and entropy in the system, which warms up, is less of an obstacle on return to thermodynamic equilibrium.  more

10 most recent papers

Dieball, C.; Krapf, D.; Weiss, M.; Godec, A.:
Scattering fingerprints of two-state dynamics
New Journal of Physics 24 023004 (2022)
Zunke, C.;  Bewerunge, J.; Platten, F.;  Egelhaaf, S. U.; Godec, A.:
First-passage statistics of colloids on fractals: Theory and experimental realization
Science Advances 8, eabk0627 (2022)
Hartich, D; Godec,  A.:
Emergent Memory and Kinetic Hysteresis in Strongly Driven Networks
Physical Review X 11, 041047 (2021)
Hartich, D; Godec,  A.:
Violation of Local Detailed Balance Despite a Clear Time-Scale Separation
arXiv:2111.14734 (2021)
Blom, K.; Godec, A.:
Criticality in Cell Adhesion
Physical Review X 11, 031067 (2021)
Dieball, C.; Godec, A.:
Kinetatics and Statistics of Empirical Currents in Continuous Space at All Times (2021)
Hartich, D.; Godec, A.: Thermodynamic uncertainty relation bounds the extent of anomalous diffusion. Physical Review Letters 127 (8), 080601 (2021)
Lapolla, A.; Vossel, M.; Godec, A.: Time- and ensemble-average statistical mechanics of the Gaussian network model. Journal of Physics A 54 (35), 355601 (2021)
Lapolla, A.; Godec, A.: BetheSF V2: 3-point propagator and additional external potentials. Computer Physics Communications 269, 108131 (2021)
Lapolla, A.; Godec, A.: BetheSF: Efficient computation of the exact tagged-particle propagator in single-file systems via the Bethe eigenspectrum. Computer Physics Communications 258, 107569 (2021)

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