Open Positions

Open Postdoc Positions (11-23)  in Mathematical bioPhysics
... in the research group of Aljaz Godec more


We are always looking for motivated PhD, Master and Bachelor students. Please contact Aljaz Godec for further information. 

Subjects for bachelor's or master's thesis projects in the group

  • Exploration of complex diffusion- and energy landscapes and kinetics in the few-encounter limit
  • Understanding projection-induced memory effects in single-molecule dynamics
  • Anomalous relaxation from a quench
  • Network dynamics beyond the Markov approximation
  • First principles theory of physical aging
  • Extreme value statistics and large deviation theory with applications in biophysics
  • Kinematics of steady-state currents in strongly driven classical systems
  • Statistical mechanics of allosteric regulation
  • Understanding and engineering soft modes in linear elastic networks
  • Spectral theory of elastic elastic network models of proteins
  • Dynamical stability of adhesion complexes under external load
  • Generalized time-reversal symmetries in driven systems
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