Open Positions

We are always looking for motivated PhD, Master and Bachelor students. Please contact Aljaz Godec for further information. 

Subjects for bachelor's or master's thesis projects in the group

  • Exploration of complex diffusion- and energy landscapes and kinetics in the few-encounter limit
  • Understanding projection-induced memory effects in single-molecule dynamics
  • Anomalous relaxation from a quench
  • Network dynamics beyond the Markov approximation
  • First principles theory of physical aging
  • Extreme value statistics and large deviation theory with applications in biophysics
  • Kinematics of steady-state currents in strongly driven classical systems
  • Statistical mechanics of allosteric regulation
  • Understanding and engineering soft modes in linear elastic networks
  • Spectral theory of elastic elastic network models of proteins
  • Dynamical stability of adhesion complexes under external load
  • Generalized time-reversal symmetries in driven systems
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