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FLASH 2 is well received in research

The magnetic resonance imaging method developed by Jens Frahm at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry (now MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences), FLASH 2, makes processes in the body visible even in motion. At the Institute for Pediatric Radiology at Leipzig University Hospital, it enables to examine young children without sedation or anesthesia for the first time. (Press release by Max Planck Innovation) more

Werner von Siemens Ring awarded to Jens Frahm

The number is gigantic: In medical diagnostics, about 100 million examinations are carried out with magnetic resonance imaging every year – and every scanner worldwide uses the technology developed by Jens Frahm and his team at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry. For his achievements, the physicist has now been awarded the Werner von Siemens Ring, one of the most important German technology prizes. more

Musicians in real-time MRI

Unusual sounds can be heard in the building of the Biomedical NMR group at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Biophysical Chemistry on June 17, 2019: The professional musicians of german hornsound are visiting to be filmed with real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) while playing horn. With this MRI performance, the brass players support a research project. more

Jens Frahm nominated for the European Inventor Award 2018

The European Patent Office has nominated Jens Frahm of the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry as one of the three finalists in the category research. The prize, awarded in five categories altogether, honors individual inventors and teams who have helped find technical answers to the most pressing challenges of our time. The winner will be elected in Paris on June 7, 2018. more

<p>Jacob Henle Medal for Jens Frahm</p>

Jens Frahm, Director of the Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs-GmbH at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry receives the Jacob Henle Medal of the University Medical Center Göttingen. The physicist is thereby honored for his lifework in the field of magnetic resonance imaging. The award ceremony takes place on February 3, 2017, at the University Medical Center Göttingen. (in German) more

Jens Frahm elected into the <em>Hall of Fame der deutschen Forschung</em>

With the election the manager magazin honors the physicist for his ground-breaking advancements of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tomography. He is the third scientist of the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, besides Manfred Eigen and Stefan Hell, who was elected into the Hall of Fame der deutschen Forschung(in German)


Realtime MRT visualizes causes for acid reflux

Doctors from the University Medicine in Göttingen and researches from the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry develop new methods to visualize and discover causes for acid reflux. (in German) more

Physicist Jens Frahm receives <em>Stifterverband Science Prize</em>

Jens Frahm, head of the Biomedizinische NMR Forschungs GmbH at the MPI for Biophysical Chemistry, is awarded this year's Stifterverband Science Prize. (in German) more

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