Publications of S. Dietrich

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Journal Article
Dietrich, S.; Tremblay, P.; Schubert, F. R.; Mansouri, A.; Faisst, A. M.; Kammandel, B.; Lumsden, A.; Gruss, P.: Early mesodermal phenotypes in Splotch suggest a role for Pax 3 in the formation of epithelial somites. Developmental Dynamics 222, pp. 506 - 521 (2001)
Journal Article
Dietrich, S.; Gruss, P.: Undulated phenotypes suggest a role of Pax-1 for the development of vertebral and extravertebral structures. Developmental Biology 167 (2), pp. 529 - 548 (1995)
Journal Article
Dietrich, S.; Schubert, F. R.; Gruss, P.: Altered Pax gene expression in murine notochord mutants: the notochord is required to initiate and maintain ventral identity in the somite. Mechanisms of Development 44 (2-3), pp. 189 - 207 (1993)
Journal Article
Balling, R.; Lau, C. F.; Dietrich, S.; Wallin, J.; Gruss, P.: Development of the skeletal sytem. Ciba Foundation Symposia 165, pp. 132 - 143 (1992)
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