Happy Hour
Get Togethers are student gatherings which are organized by the PhD students/Postdocs from the various departments of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (MPI-BPC) and the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organisation (MPI-DS). more
Sports at the Institute
Need to get away from the bench for some time? How about a healthy break? You can get everything you need from the porter, e.g. soccer balls and volleyballs, frisbees and more. Some departments organize regular sports events. more
Campus Seminars
The PhD Community wishes to encourage collaborations, widen the horizons of scientists beyond their respective fields, and raise some questions related to science and its impact. more
Women in Research
The PhD / Postdoc Community wishes to increase the number of women in science. This is why the Women in Research Workgroup takes over the task of organizing events on women-centered themes. more
Other Projects
Beside of organizing regular events and activities the PhD Community also organizes special events if required. more
Soft Skill Seminars
The Soft Skill Workshops give PhD students the opportunity to broaden their professional and social skills. The workshop language is English. It is conducted by experienced, professional trainers for 1-2 days. more
Career seminars
With the Career Seminar we want to give you more insight into the diversity of career choices avaiable for scientists holding a doctoral degree. We invite young, senior or former scientists from various fields outside the academic research to speak about their career. more
To get new arrivals involved from the beginning more
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