Sports at the Institute

Sports at the Institute

Need to get away from the bench for some time? How about a healthy break?

There are definitely different ways to get active at our institute, for example did you know that we have a small gym/fitness room at the institute?

Fitness room

The fitness room is located in the general administration building in the library. It is open during normal working hours and if you would like to train after working hours you can get a key from the porter to access the room after hours. 
Before you start using the room, please make sure you get an instruction on how to use the equipment by contacting the Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagment (BGM) (


In the summer as soon as the weather gets better the volleyball net goes up again and an active group starts playing every Tuesday (and sometimes Thursdays). Every year there is also a friendly league between different apartments and during the Summer Fest a fun competition is played as well. For more information you can sign up for the email list for sports at the institute: Or contact Marcelo Ganzella for more information about volleyball at the institute. 


There used to be a football league at the institute, however, the field is in not a very good state. Instead a group from the institute goes to play at the Uni-sport football field regularly. If you are interested please ask around to find more information. 

Table football

There is a table football down next to the mensa on which they used to have table football league. For the winter season 2011/12 a table football league with matches between the departments and research groups was held, maybe someone enthusiastic can reinstate this (see Gallery Winter Season Kicker League 2011 in our intranet).

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