Who are we?

Who are we?

The PhD/Postdoc Community has a very simple structure: if you are a PhD student or a Postdoc at our institute and would like to be involved in organizing activities, promoting specific causes, and addressing any issues, you can volunteer. All students that volunteer to take part in the organization of events and other activities are members of the PhD/Postdoc Committee. Currently as the number of students involved has been dwindling over the past years, we are restarting and reinventing the structure and activities of the PhD/Postdoc community. At the moment, the PhD/Postdoc Committee consists of 12 members listed here:  https://www.mpinat.mpg.de/4096265/team.

From a more official point of view, the PhDNet (our german-wide organization) organizes yearly election for the 'external' representative. This is the official contact person for the steering board of PhDNet for anything related to our institute. Currently Frederike Maaß (March 2022) was elected by the PhD students from our institute to take up this role. 

In the past, the PhD/Postdoc Community aimed to include at least two departmental representatives of each department to help with the onboarding of new students and postdocs, to be the first contact person in case problems arise and to form a strong network among our relatively big campus to create a community. 

We would love for this to be reinstated again, and our community will be able to grow. 

If you would like to get involved (to any extend) please email us at our PhD/Postdoc Community email or approach any of us personally to get more information. 

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