Various departments, various PhD / Postdoc programs, various funding, various home countries - not all PhD students and Postdocs work under the same conditions. Therefore they have to tackle different situations and problems. We want to make sure that all of them are informed properly about their rights, duties and possibilities to make their stay at the MPI-NAT as pleasant as possible.

Therefore we are going to

  • send around monthly PhDCom news mails which will include in particular the most recent changes affecting PhD students and Postdocs,
  • regularly update our Facebook page and the News and Information Desk with lots of useful information (events, funding opportunities, career advices etc),
  • create a new compact welcome booklet for new PhD students and Postdocs at the MPIbpc,
  • create and regularly update a Frequently Ask Questions page,
  • prepare and evaluate surveys about the working conditions and happiness of all PhD students and Postdocs at the MPIbpc every half year and
  • organize information seminars about administrative issues (insurances, contract and stipend conditions, etc.) together with our administration

Feel free to join!

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