Our open-source software is available on our lab's GitHub page.

Most used software:

HH-suite for sensitive protein sequence searching using hidden Markov models

MMseqs2 ultra fast and sensitive sequence searching and clustering:

Datenbanken fuer MMseqs2 software: https:/

CCMpred: protein residue-residue Contacts from Correlated Mutations

WiSH: Who is the host? prediction of phage-host relationships


Some of our tools are available as webservice on the nice MPI Bioinformatics Toolkit of our colleagues from Tübingen.

MMseqs2 server for fast sequence similarity search:

BaMMmotif2 webserver for motif discovery and analysis in DNA and RNA sequences:

Bipartite motif finder for protein-RNA-binding (BMF):

Data server (for HH-suite etc): Data Server

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