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We are looking for highly motivated postdocs, PhD students, bachelor and master students, and student research assistants. We offer a stimulating, friendly and sociable work environment and many exciting and ambitious projects. If you want to know more, please contact Johannes Söding by email (<my_surname_with_oe>

For foreigners considering to come to Germany, here are a few links you mght find useful:

PhD projects

For most projects, ample programming experience is of great advantage, for some projects strong quantitative and stats skills are required, other more applied projects require deep biological interest in the questions we want to address. If you are strong in one of these areas and have good quantitative and analytical thinking skills, you will probably fit well into our group. 

Our PhD students are members of the International Max-Planck Research School for Genome Science (IMRRS-GS), the International Master's/PhD Molecular Biology Program in Göttingen, or the International Max-Planck Research School for Physics of Biological and Complex Systems, to whose faculty Johannes belongs. 

If you are interested to address biological questions using computational techniques, I recommend to check out Patrick Cramer's lab at our institute, with whom we collaborate a lot. He heads a world-leading group on structural and functional investigation of transcription. 


We seek excellent postdocs to work with us. Usually we meet several times face to face or online to develop an attractive research plan together. Most people interested to do a postdoc with us apply for a scholarship before they join the lab. Flexible financing can be discussed, though. Check out the followig fellowship programs: 

  • Our institute offers several Manfred Eigen and Erwin Neher fellowships per year in its own fellowship program. There are no application deadlines. 
  • The Alexander-von-Humbold-Foundation offers fellowships for foreign researchers to do research in Germany for up to 24 months under the Humboldt Research Fellowship program or, for nationals from developing countries, the Georg Forster Research Fellowship program. 
  • The European Research Council (ERC) offers within its Horizon2020 Program individual fellowships (IFs) for Europeans or non-Europeans. 
  • EMBO Long-Term Fellowships support post-doctoral researchers for visits up to two years. For eligibility, the applicant must move between countries and must have passed her/his PhD exam in the two years prior to the respective application deadline. Deadlines are 15 February and 15 August.
  • The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) offers Postdoctoral Fellowships to nationals of participating countries. These are (as of 01/2011): all EU member countries, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, and the USA. The application deadline is typically towards the end of November. 
  • FEBS Long-Term Fellowships are available for up to 3 years of postdoctoral work. Application deadlines are usually April 1st and October 1st.
  • The Minerva foundation of the Max-Planck society offers fellowships for PhD students and postdocs for exchanges between Israel and Germany.
  • The German Research foundation (DFG) offers postdoctoral fellowships in their Walter Benjamin programm.

Master-, Bachelor-Projekte

Wir sind immer an motivierten und wissenschaftlich interessierten Studierenden interessiert, die bei uns ihre Masterarbeit oder Bachelorarbeit machen möchten.  


Suchst du die Möglichkeit frühzeitig, in deinem Studium an wissenschaftlichen Projekten in der Bioinformatik zu arbeiten? Dann melde dich bei uns! Wir streben eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit an, die möglichst über die Bachelorarbeit bis zur Masterarbeit geht und im Idealfall in einer Doktorarbeit mündet. Daher können notwendige Grundlagen "on the Job" erarbeitet werden. Praktische Programmiererfahrung in irgendeiner Sprache ist allerdings sehr vorteilhaft.

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