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Basquin, C.; Ershov, D.; Gaudin, N.; Vu, h. T. K.; Louis, B.; Papon, J. F.; Orfila, A. M.; Mansour, S.; Rink, J. C.; Azimzadeh, J.: Emergence of a bilaterally symmetric pattern from chiral components in the planarian epidermis. Developmental Cell 51 (4), pp. 516 - 525.e5 (2019)
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Vu, H. T. K.; Mansour, S.; Kücken, M.; Blasse, C.; Basquin, C.; Azimzadeh, J.; Myers, E. W.; Brusch, L.; Rink, J. C.: Dynamic polarization of the multiciliated planarian epidermis between body plan landmarks. Developmental Cell 51 (4), pp. 526 - 542 (2019)
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Leria, L.; Vila Farre, M.; Solà, E.; Riutort, M.: Outstanding intraindividual genetic diversity in fissiparous planarians (Dugesia, Platyhelminthes) with facultative sex. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19, 130 (2019)
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Rozanski, A.; Moon, H.; Brandl, H.; Martin-Duran, J. M.; Grohme, M. A.; Hüttner, K.; Bartscherer, K.; Henry, I.; Rink, J. C.: PlanMine 3.0improvements to a mineable resource of flatworm biology and biodiversity. Nucleic Acids Research 47 (D1), pp. D812 - D820 (2019)
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Thommen, A.; Werner, S.; Frank, O.; Philipp, J.; Knittelfelder, O.; Quek, Y.; Fahmy, K.; Shevchenko, A.; Friedrich, B. M.; Jülicher, F. et al.; Rink, J. C.: Body size-dependent energy storage causes Kleiber's law scaling of the metabolic rate in planarians. eLife 8, e38187 (2019)
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Ivankovic, M.; Haneckova, R.; Thommen, A.; Grohme, M. A.; Vila-Farre, M.; Werner, S.; Rink, J. C.: Model systems for regeneration: Planarians. Development 146 (17), dev167684 (2019)
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