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Boothe, T.; Hilbert, L.; Heide, M.; Berninger, L.; Huttner, W. B.; Zaburdaev, V.; Vastenhouw, N. L.; Myers, E. W.; Drechsel, D. N.; Rink, J. C.: A tunable refractive index matching medium for live imaging cells, tissues and model organisms. eLife 6, e27240 (2017)
Journal Article
Stückemann, T.; Cleland, J. P.; Werner, S.; Vu, H. T. K.; Bayersdorf, R.; Liu, S. Y.; Friedrich, B.; Jülicher, F.; Rink, J. C.: Antagonistic self-organizing patterning systems control maintenance and regeneration of the anteroposterior axis in planarians. Developmental Cell 40 (3), pp. 248 - 263 (2017)
Journal Article
Werner, S.; Vu, H. T. K.; Rink, J. C.: Self-organization in development, regeneration and organoids. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 44, pp. 102 - 109 (2017)
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Hoffmann, K. B.; Voss-Böhme, A.; Rink, J. C.; Brusch, L.: A dynamically diluted alignment model reveals the impact of cell turnover on the plasticity of tissue polarity patterns. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14 (135), 20170466 (2017)
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