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Journal Article
ElInati, E.; Zielinska, A.; McCarthy, A.; Kubikova, N.; Maciulyte, V.; Mahadevaiah, S.; Sangrithi, M. N.; Ojarikre, O.; Wells, D.; Niakan, K. K. et al.; Schuh, M.; Turner, J. M. A.: The BCL-2 pathway preserves mammalian genome integrity by eliminating recombination-defective oocytes. Nature Communications 11, 2598 (2020)
Journal Article
Schmidt, N.; Schücker, K.; Krause, I.; Dörk, T.; Klintschar, M.; Hummel, S.: Genome-wide SNP typing of ancient DNA: Determination of hair and eye color of Bronze Age humans from their skeletal remains. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, (in press) (2020)
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