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Huang, X.; Hu, H.; Webster, A.; Zou, F.; Du, J.; Patel, D. J.; Sachidanandam, R.; Toth, K. F.; Aravin, A. A.; Li, S.: Binding of guide piRNA triggers methylation of the unstructured N-terminal region of Aub leading to assembly of the piRNA amplification complex. Nature Communications 12, 4061 (2021)
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Cavazza, T.; Takeda, Y.; Politi, A. Z.; Aushev, M.; Aldag, P.; Baker, C.; Choudhary, M.; Bucevičius, J.; Lukinavičius, G.; Elder, K. et al.; Blayney, M.; Lucas-Hahn, A.; Niemann, H.; Herbert, M.; Schuh, M.: Parental genome unification is highly error-prone in mammalian embryos. Cell 184 (11), pp. 2860 - 2877.e22 (2021)
Journal Article
So, C.; Cheng, S.; Schuh, M.: Phase separation during germline development. Trends in Cell Biology 31 (4), pp. 254 - 268 (2021)
Journal Article
Wartosch, L.; Schindler, K.; Schuh, M.; Gruhn, J. R.; Hoffmann, E.R.; McCoy, R. C.; Xing, J.: Origins and mechanisms leading to aneuploidy in human eggs. Prenatal diagnosis 41 (5), pp. 620 - 630 (2021)
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Scheffler, K.; Uraji, J.; Jentoft, I.; Cavazza, T.; Mönnich, E.; Mogessie, B.; Schuh, M.: Two mechanisms drive pronuclear migration in mouse zygotes. Nature Communications 12, 841 (2021)
Journal Article
Thomas, C.; Cavazza, T.; Schuh, M.: Aneuploidy in human eggs: contributions of the meiotic spindle. Biochemical Society Transactions 49 (1), pp. 107 - 118 (2021)
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