News of 2022

Welcome, Lara!

Welcome, Lara!

02 May 2022 Lara has joined our team, welcome! Lara is doing a 3-months internship before starting her BSc studies in Biochemistry in October. During her time here she will get introduced to enzyme biochemistry, experimental work e.g. pipetting and computer-based data analysis.
Wai Tuck is awarded the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellowship!
21 Mar 2022 We congratulate Wai Tuck for being awarded the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions fellowship by the European Commission! The project is about PROTAC-driven Protein degradation by Proteasome during Antigen Processing and Presentation (ProAPP) and will be funded for 24 months. more

Welcome, Vera!

14 Mar 2022 We welcome Vera Subrakova to our team! Vera studies Biotechnology at AgroParisTech University Paris and joins us for a 6-month master project. She is interested in anti-cancer drug development and with us she will work on the prediction of peptide splicing in order to identify possible cancer-specific spliced peptides.
Welcome, Nyet Cheng!

Welcome, Nyet Cheng!

01 March 2022 A warm welcome to Nyet Cheng Chiam, who joins our team as postdoc! Nyet Cheng is a trained molecular biologist and she will work experimentally on proteasome-mediated antigen processing and MHC-1 presentation.
John holds internal online workshop on the rescoring tool Caravan

John holds internal online workshop on the rescoring tool Caravan

25 Feb 2022 Caravan uses Percolator and Prosit tools to generate high confidence peptide-spectrum matches from mass spectrometry search results using recent advances in spectral prediction.

Welcome, Lorenz!

21 Feb 2022 We welcome Lorenz Mammen to our team! Lorenz is currently doing his undergraduate studies in biology and maths at the University of Tuebingen. He joins us for an internship of six weeks. During his stay, he will work on modelling of the antigen presenting pathway.
We published!
20 Feb 2022 Our paper “Database search engines and target database features impinge upon the identification of post-translationally cis-spliced peptides in HLA class I immunopeptidomes” was published in Proteomics. more
Hanna receives PhD studentship from Wellcome Trust UK!
31 Jan 2022 Hanna receives a PhD studentship from the Wellcome Trust in UK. Congratuations, Hanna! She will join the Neuro-Immune Interactions in Health & Disease Programme at King's College London in September. more
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