News of 2021

Internal proteogenomics workshop

14 December 2021 Yehor, Kamil and Iga gave a workshop on proteogenomics.

First joint group meeting with Sijts and Mishto labs

04 November 2021 Today we had our first joint group meeting online with the group of Alice Sijts at Utrecht University and members of the Molecular Immunobiology lab at King's College and The Francis Crick Institute in London.
We discussed experimental and modelling approaches to investigate the antigen presentation pathway.

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Kamil obtains SINGA PhD scholarship!

October 2021 Kamil obtained the SINGA PhD scholarship to work on aging at NUS! The National University of Singapore (NUS) is among the top 25 best universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education ranking. The SINGA scholarship is only awarded to 3-4% of all applicants. Congratulations, Kamil!

3rd Retreat of the IMPRS Genome Science

14 October 2021 This year, the IMPRS-GS retreat took place in short form in Göttingen.

Welcome, Ali!

01 October 2021 Ali Salehzadeh-Yazdi joins our team as Postdoc. Welcome Ali! He will work on mechanistic modeling of proteasome dynamics.

First joint group meeting with Liu and Mishto labs

23 September 2021 Today we had our first joint group meeting online with Prof. Liu Haiyan from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at National University of Singapore and members of the Molecular Immunobiology lab at King's College and The Francis Crick Institute in London. We discussed experimental and computational approaches to investigate the role and function of the extracellular proteasome.

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16 September 2021 Artem, Hanna and Sarah presented their projects at the online symposium "18th Horizons in Molecular Biology". Hanna and Sarah won poster prizes, congratulations!

Click here to see the posters. more

Hanna holds hands-on workshop on invitroSPI tool

08 September 2021 Hanna Roetschke held an online workshop on her new tool invitroSPI.
Title: "Identification of spliced and non-spliced peptides from in vitro experiments via mass spectrometry - An introduction to the invitroSPI tool including a hands-on training session"

Wai Tuck holds online lecture on allergies in Malaysia

07 September 2021 Wai Tuck was invited to give a virtual lecture at the School of Foundation studies, INTI International University, Malaysia!
Title: Allergies and Immune systems.
It is an introductory lecture to Pre-university/A-level students on allergy and scientific approaches used in the study of allergens.

Welcome, John!

01 September 2021 John Cormican joins our team as PhD candidate. Welcome John! He will work on search strategies and improvements to tools used in the identification of non-conventional peptides in the immunopeptidome.

Welcome, Iga!

01 September 2021 Iga Niemiec joins our team for her PhD. Welcome Iga! She will work on multi-omics integration of the antigen processing and presentation pathway.

Welcome, Szabolcs!

01 June 2021 Szabolcs Elias joins our team as Postdoc. Welcome, Szabolcs! He will work on machine learning methods in immunology.

Welcome, Wai Tuck!

01 June 2021 Wai Tuck Soh joins our team as Postdoc. Welcome Wai Tuck! He is a molecular biologist and his work with us will focus on the proteasome-mediated antigen processing and MHC-I presentation.

Jaspreet goes to Israel!

June 2021 Jaspreet got accepted into the Master's Program of Tel Aviv University (Israel) with a full scholarship. Congratulations!
April 2021 Hanna obtained the "Principles of Cancer Research - Stipend for an exceptional, independently working young scientist" of the Manfred Eigen Förderstiftung for her work on ”Prediction and characterisation of proteasome-catalysed spliced peptides”. Congratulations, Hanna! more
April 2021 Yehor participated in the online school "Data Ethics - Ethical considerations in interpretation and handling of Biomedical Big Data" of the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria. His team won the first place award for a case study! Congratulations! more
15 April 2021 The paper “Potential Mimicry of Viral and Pancreatic β Cell Antigens Through Non-Spliced and cis-Spliced Zwitter Epitope Candidates in Type 1 Diabetes” by Mishto M., Mansurkhodzhaev A., Rodriguez-Calvo T. and Liepe J. was published in Frontiers in Immunology!
The paper highlights in silico identification of putative spliced peptides derived from viruses associated with Type 1 Diabetes could trigger CD8+ T cell mediated immunity via molecular mimicry to self. more
29 March - 01 April 2021 Florian Jochheim (Cramer lab) and Sarah Henze give an introductory course to programming in Python.
Mo: Introduction to Python
Di-Do: Introduction to Data Science with Python
The course will be held online and is offered as GGNB methods course to fellow PhD students.

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Welcome, Jaspreet!

01 March 2021 Jaspreet Ishar joins our team remotely for an internship. Welcome Jaspreet! She will work on predicting conversion factors for quantitative proteomics using classical machine learning approaches.
24 February 2021 Artems first author paper “Proteasome-Generated cis-Spliced Peptides and Their Potential Role in CD8+ T Cell Tolerance” was published in Frontiers in Immunology.
The paper describes a computational analysis of the impact of proteasome generated spliced peptides on the immune evasion of viruses via molecular mimicry of MHC class I presented peptides to self and formation of subsequent gaps in CD8+ T cell mediated immunity. more
01 Februar 2021 We are very happy to announce that our project, IMAP, will be funded by the European Research Council!

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Welcome, Kamil!

01 February 2021 We welcome Kamil Pabis to our team! He will work with us on understanding sequencing information in the MHC-I antigen presentation pathway.

Welcome, Andrew!

15 January 2021 Andrew Graham joined our team. Welcome Andrew! Andrew is a first year Wellcome Trust PhD student and part of the Neuro-Immune Interaction in Health and Disease programme at Kings College London. He joined our team to work on his project “Investigating the influence of the proteasome and its inducible isoform (immunoproteasome) on neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease” in collaboration with Michele Mishto and Maria Jimenez Sanchez.

First joint group meeting with Shepherd and Mishto labs

14 January 2021 Today we had our first joint group meeting with members of the Computational Biology group at Birkbeck University London and the Molecular Immunobiology lab at King's College and The Francis Crick Institute in London. We discussed the role of spliced neoepitopes in solid cancer.

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