QSB Software

This page details the software tools developed by our group and available for scientific research.

All of our tools are available on our GitHub page (https://github.com/QuantSysBio).

inSPIRE Pathogen & inSPIRE 2.0
inSPIRE-Pathogen is a user-centric software suite designed for the fast, sensitive and reliable identification of pathogen-derived epitope candidates detected via mass spectrometry in MHC class I immunopeptidomes.
Click the link to see a demo of the tool in action. more
aSPIRE & inSPIRE 1.5
aSPIRE is a tool allowing peptide label-free quantification and analysis of spliced and non-spliced peptides produced from protein in vitro digestions. inSPIRE 1.5 is an updated and improved version of inSPIRE which enables robust identification of spliced ​​and non-spliced ​​peptides in this setting.
invitroSPI is a tool for identification of spliced ​​​​and non-spliced ​​​​peptides from polypeptide digestion  in vitro. more
inSPIRE is  a flexible and performant open-source rescoring pipeline built on Prosit MS spectral prediction, which is compatible with common database search engines. more
iBench is a bioinformatic tool that can construct ground truth proteomics datasets, based on which different proteomics strategies can be tested, and their performances estimated. more
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