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Mishto, M.; Liepe, J.; Textoris-Taube, K.; Keller, C.; Henklein, P.; Weberruss, M.; Dahlmann, B.; Enenkel, C.; Voigt, A.; Kuckelkorn, U. et al.; Stumpf, M. P. H.; Kloetzel, P. M.: Proteasome isoforms exhibit only quantitative differences in cleavage and epitope generation. European Journal of Immunology 44 (12), pp. 3508 - 3521 (2014)
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McMahon, S. S.; Sim, A.; Filippi, S.; Johnson, R.; Liepe, J.; Smith, D.; Stumpf, M. P. H.: Information theory and signal transduction systems: From molecular information processing to network inference. Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 35, pp. 98 - 108 (2014)
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Liepe, J.; Holzhütter, H. G.; Kloetzel, P. M.; Stumpf, M. P.; Mishto, M.: Modelling proteasome and proteasome regulator activities. Biomolecules 4 (2), pp. 585 - 599 (2014)
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Liepe, J.; Kirk, P.; Filippi, S.; Toni, T.; Barnes, C. P.; Stumpf, M. P. H.: A framework for parameter estimation and model selection from experimental data in systems biology using approximate Bayesian computation. Nature Protocols 9, pp. 439 - 456 (2014)
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