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Boretius, S.; Natt, O.; Watanabe, T.; Tammer, R.; Ehrenreich, L.; Frahm, J.; Michaelis, T.: In vivo diffusion tensor mapping of the brain of squirrel monkey, rat, and mouse using single-shot STEAM MRI. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine 17 (3-6), pp. 339 - 347 (2004)
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Dechent, P.; Frahm, J.: Funktionelle Magnetresonanz. Tomografie des menschlichen Gehirns. Neuroforum Bd 10, pp. 229 - 236 (2004)
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