Hünfeld 2023: Hybrid Workshop on Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules

Hünfeld 2023: Hybrid Workshop on Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules

April 28-29, 2023

Dear biophysics friends,

Also in 2023 we will organize our 'Computer Simulation and Theory of Macromolecules' workshop to discuss recent advances in theory and application of biomolecular simulations. As usual, our aim is to promote and facilitate the exchange among the biomolecular theory and simulation communities of Germany and beyond. By organizing the workshop in a hybrid format, we strive to be most inclusive also for attendees who might find travelling difficult, and hope for lively discussions and knowledge exchange both on-site and online!

We therefore cordially invite you all and in particular students and postdocs to participate in the upcoming meeting on April 28-29, 2023.

As is tradition, the meeting will be held in the Hünfeld Monastery right in the center of Germany. The virtual option will allow for joining the presentations via a video conferencing tool. We will offer a poster session on-site on Friday evening for a limited number of posters, and will provide a virtual poster gallery including posters from virtual and on-site participants.

We consider it an important feature of the workshop to offer affordable accommodations and meals to make it easier for students, graduate students, and postdocs to attend on-site. In case accommodation at the Hünfeld Monastery is already fully booked at the time of your registration, we will kindly ask you to organize your accommodation externally by yourself. Online participation is free of charge.

If you have any further questions about the workshop, please contact the workshop office and send an E-Mail to theory-workshop@mpinat.mpg.de

With our best regards,

Volkhard Helms, Helmut Grubmüller

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