10th European Biophysics Congress: EBSA 2015

10th European Biophysics Congress: EBSA 2015

Announcement Poster of the EBSA 2015

The 10th European Biophysics Congress of the European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA), organized on behalf of the German Biophysical Society by Helmut Grubmüller (Congress Chair) and Claudia Steinem (German Biophysical Society Chair), took place 18-22 July 2015 in Dresden (Germany).

We thank all of you, participants, speakers, exhibitors, committee members, sponsors, and every other helping hand for making the congress a great success!

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Plenary Lectures at the 10th European Biophysics Congress 2015 in Dresden

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Gunnar von Hejne

"A biophysical perspective on co-translational protein translocation, membrane insertion and folding"

Duration: 44:43

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Angela M. Gronenborn

"An ingenious cloak fo subterfuge - the HIV capsid structure"

Duraction: 44:35

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: J. Antoinette Killian

"Studying lipid/protein interactions: from self-assembled model membranes to native nanodiscs"

Duration: 42:06

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Raymond E. Goldstein

"Synchronization of eukaryotic flagella"

Duration: 45:04

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Iva M. Tolic - winner of the EBSA Young Investigator's Medal and Prize

"Forces in the mitotic spindle"

Duration: 44:37

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Marileen Dogterom

"Minimal systems for the study of microtubule-based cell polarity in fission yeast"

Duration: 44:31

EBSA 2015 Plenary Lecture: Christian Eggeling

"Advanced optical microscopy for deeper insights into membrane bioactivity"

Duration: 40:57
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