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Journal Article
Ye, J.; Bazzi, S.; Fritz, T.; Tittmann, K.; Mata, R. A.; Uranga, J.: Mechanisms of Cysteine-Lysine Covalent Linkage - The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Competition with Disulfide Bonds. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62 (36), e202304163 (2023)
Journal Article
Hicks, K. G.; Cluntun, A. A.; Schubert, H. L.; Hackett, S. R.; Berg, J. A.; Leonard, P. G.; Ajalla Aleixo, M. A.; Zhou, Y.; Bott, A. J.; Salvatore, S. R. et al.; Chang, F.; Blevins, A.; Barta, P.; Tilley, S.; Leifer, A.; Guzman, A.; Arok, A.; Fogarty, S.; Winter, J. M.; Ahn, H.-C.; Allen, K. N.; Block, S.; Cardoso, I. A.; Ding, J.; Dreveny, I.; Gasper, W. C.; Ho, Q.; Matsuura, A.; Palladino, M. J.; Prajapati, S.; Sun, P.; Tittmann, K.; Tolan, D. R.; Unterlass, J.; Van Demark, A. P.; Vander Heiden, M. G.; Webb, B. A.; Yun, C.-H.; Zhao, P.; Wang, B.; Schopfer, F. J.; Hill, C. P.; Nonato, M. C.; Muller, F. L.; Cox, J. E.; Rutter, J.: Protein-metabolite interactomics of carbohydrate metabolism reveal regulation of lactate dehydrogenase. Science 379, pp. 996 - 1003 (2023)
Journal Article
Prajapati, S.; Rabe von Pappenheim, F.; Tittmann, K.: Frontiers in the enzymology of thiamin diphosphate-dependent enzymes. Current Opinion in Structural Biology 76, 102441 (2022)
Journal Article
Meyer, A.; Kehl, A.; Cui, C.; Reichardt, F. A. K.; Hecker, F.; Funk, L.-M.; Ghosh, M. K.; Pan, K. T.; Urlaub, H.; Tittmann, K. et al.; Stubbe, J.; Bennati, M.: 19F Electron-nuclear double resonance reveals interaction between redox-active tyrosines across the α/β interface of E. coli ribonucleotide reductase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, pp. 11270 - 11282 (2022)
Journal Article
Wensien, M.; Rabe von Pappenheim, F.; Funk, L. M.; Kloskowski, P.; Curth, U.; Diederichsen, U.; Uranga, J.; Ye, J.; Fang, P.; Pan, K. T. et al.; Urlaub, H.; Mata, R. A.; Sautner, V.; Tittmann, K.: A lysine–cysteine redox switch with an NOS bridge regulates enzyme function. Nature 593 (7859), pp. 460 - 464 (2021)
Journal Article
Rabe von Pappenheim, F.; Aldeghi, M.; Shome, B.; Begley, T.; de Groot, B. L.; Tittmann, K.: Structural basis for antibiotic action of the B1 antivitamin 2′-methoxy-thiamine. Nature Chemical Biology 16 (11), p. 1237-1245 (2020)
Journal Article
Singh, K.; Graf, B.; Linden, A.; Sautner, V.; Urlaub, H.; Tittmann, K.; Stark, H.; Chari, A.: Discovery of a regulatory subunit of the yeast fatty acid synthase. Cell 180 (6), pp. 1130 - 1143.e20 (2020)
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