Publications of C. Kambach

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Journal Article
Licht, K.; Medenbach, J.; Luehrmann, R.; Kambach, C.; Bindereif, A.: 3'-cyclic phosphorylation of U6 snRNA leads to recruitment of recycling factor p110 through LSm proteins. RNA 14 (8), pp. 1532 - 1538 (2008)
Journal Article
Meister, G.; Eggert, C.; Buehler, D.; Brahms, H.; Kambach, C.; Fischer, U.: Methylation of Sm proteins by a complex containing PRMT5 and the putative U snRNP assembly factor pICln. Current Biology 11 (24), pp. 1990 - 1994 (2001)
Journal Article
Kambach, C.; Walke, S.; Young, R.; Avis, J. M.; Fortelle, E. D. l.; Raker, V. A.; Luehrmann, R.; Li, J.; Nagai, K.: Crystal structures of two Sm protein complexes and their implications for the assembly of the spliceosomal snRNPs. Cell 96, pp. 375 - 387 (1999)
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