Publications of F. Wiederschein

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Wiederschein, F.; Vöhringer-Martinez, E.; Beinsen, A.; Postberg, F.; Schmidt, J.; Srama, R.; Stolz, F.; Grubmüller, H.; Abel, B.: Charge separation and isolation in strong water droplet impacts. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (10), pp. 6858 - 6864 (2015)
Journal Article
Vöhringer-Martinez, E.; Link, O.; Lugovoy, E.; Siefermann, K. R.; Wiederschein, F.; Grubmüller, H.; Abel, B.: Hydrogen bond dynamics of superheated water and methanol by ultrafast IR-pump and EUV-photoelectron probe spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (36), pp. 19365 - 19375 (2014)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Wiederschein, F.; Vöhringer-Martinez, E.; Abel, B.; Grubmüller, H.: Charge separation in water on strong impacts and recombination of dispersed ions. 57th Annual Meeting of the Biophysical-Society, Philadelphia/PA, February 02, 2013 - February 06, 2013. Biophysical Journal 104 (Supplement 1), 2 Ed., p. 506A - 506A (2013)
Conference Paper
Wiederschein, F.; Vohringer-Martinez, E.; Abel, B.; Grubmueller, H.: Molecular Dynamics simulation of the liquid phase desorption mechanism of biomolecules. Biophysical Journal (Suppl. S), p. 193A - 193A (2007)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Wiederschein, F.: Investigation of laser-induced-liquid-beam-ion-desorption (LILBID) with molecular dynamics simulations. Dissertation, Universität Göttingen, Göttingen (2010)
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