Publications of J. S. Hub

Journal Article (11)

Journal Article
Krivobokova, T.; Briones, R.; Hub, J. S.; Munk, A.; de Groot, B. L.: Partial least squares functional mode analysis: Application to the membrane proteins AQP1, Aqy1 and CLC-ec1. Biophysical Journal 103 (4), pp. 786 - 796 (2012)
Journal Article
Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.; van der Spoel, D.: g_wham-A free weighted histogram analysis implementation including robust error and autocorrelation estimates. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 6 (12), pp. 3713 - 3720 (2010)
Journal Article
Hub, J. S.; Winkler, F. K.; Merrick, M.; de Groot, B. L.: Potentials of mean force and permeabilities for carbon dioxide, ammonia, and water flux across a Rhesus protein channel and lipid membranes. Journal of American Chemical Society 132 (38), pp. 13251 - 13263 (2010)
Journal Article
Aponte-Santamaria, C.; Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.: Dynamics and energetics of solute permeation through the Plasmodium falciparum aquaglyceroporin. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (35), pp. 10246 - 10254 (2010)
Journal Article
Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.: Detection of functional modes in protein dynamics. PLoS Computational Biology 5 (8), e1000480 (2009)
Journal Article
Hub, J.; de Groot, B. L.: Mechanism of selectivity in aquaporins and aquaglyceroporins. Proceedings of the National Acadamy of Sciences of the United States of America 105 (4), pp. 1198 - 1203 (2008)
Journal Article
Mueller, E. M.; Hub, J.; Grubmueller, H.; de Groot, B. L.: Is TEA an inhibitor for human Aquaporin-1? Pfluegers Archiv 456 (4), pp. 663 - 669 (2008)
Journal Article
Portella, G.; Hub, J.; Vesper, M. D.; de Groot, B. L.: Not only enthalpy: large entropy contribution to ion permeation barriers in single-file channels. Biophysical Journal 95, pp. 2275 - 2282 (2008)
Journal Article
Hub, J. S.; Salditt, T.; Rheinstaedter, M. C.; de Groot, B. L.: Short-range order and collective dynamics of DMPC bilayers: a comparison between molecular dynamics simulations, X-ray, and neutron scattering experiments. Biophysical Journal 93 (9), pp. 3156 - 3168 (2007)
Journal Article
Takamori, S.; Holt, M.; Stenius, K.; Lemke, E.; Groenborg, M.; Riedel, D.; Urlaub, H.; Schenck, S.; Bruegger, B.; Ringler, P. et al.; Mueller, S.; Rammner, B.; Graeter, F.; Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.; Mieskes, G.; Moriyama, Y.; Klingauf, J.; Grubmueller, H.; Heuser, J.; Wieland, F.; Jahn, R.: Molecular anatomy of a trafficking organelle. Cell 127 (4), pp. 831 - 846 (2006)
Journal Article
Hub, J. S.; de Groot, B. L.: Does CO2 permeate through Aquaporin-1? Biophysical Journal 91 (3), pp. 842 - 848 (2006)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Hub, J.; Grubmuller, H.; de Groot, B. L.: Dynamics and energetics of permeation through aquaporins. What do we learn from molecular dynamics simulations? In: Aquaporins, pp. 57 - 76 (Ed. Beitz, E.). Springer, Berlin (2009)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Hub, J.: Selectivity, regulation and inhibition of aquaporin channels. A molecular dynamics study. Dissertation, Universität Göttingen, Göttingen (2008)
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