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Zimek, A.; Stick, R.; Weber, K.: Genes coding for intermediate filament proteins: common features and unexpected differences in the genomes of humans and the teleost fish Fugu rubripes. Journal of Cell Science 116 (11), pp. 2295 - 2302 (2003)
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Hofemeister, H.; Kuhn, C.; Franke, W. W.; Weber, K.; Stick, R.: Conservation of the gene structure and membrane-targeting signals of germ cell-specific lamin LIII in amphibians and fish. European Journal of Cell Biology 81 (2), pp. 51 - 60 (2002)
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Hofemeister, H.; Weber, K.; Stick, R.: Association of prenylated proteins with the plasma membrane and the inner nuclear membrane is mediated by the same membrane targeting motifs; membrane targeting of Xenopus lamin B 3. Molecular Biology of the Cell 11, pp. 3233 - 3246 (2000)
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Erber, A.; Riemer, D.; Hofemeister, H.; Bovenschulte, M.; Stick, R.; Panopoulou, G.; Lehrach, H.; Weber, K.: Characterization of the Hydra lamin and its gene; a molecular phylogeny of metazoan lamins. Journal of Molecular Evolution 49, pp. 260 - 271 (1999)
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Kohlhase, J.; Koehler, A.; Jaeckle, H.; Engel, W.; Stick, R.: Molecular cloning of a SALL1-related pseudogene and mapping to chromosome Xp11.2. Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 84, pp. 31 - 34 (1999)
Journal Article
Huttenlauch, I.; Peck, R. K.; Plessmann, U.; Weber, K.; Stick, R.: Characterisation of two articulins, the major epiplasmic proteins comprising the membrane skeleton of the ciliate Pseudomicrothorax. Journal of Cell Science 111, pp. 1909 - 1919 (1998)
Journal Article
Koester, R. W.; Stick, R.; Loosli, F.; Wittbrodt, J.: Medaka spalt acts as a target gene of hedgehog signaling. Development 124 (16), pp. 3147 - 3156 (1997)
Journal Article
Huttenlauch, I.; Geisler, N.; Plessmann, U.; Peck, R. K.; Weber, K.; Stick, R.: Major epiplasmic proteins of ciliates are articulins: cloning, recombinant expression, and structural characterization. Journal of Cell Biology 130 (6), pp. 1401 - 1412 (1995)
Journal Article
Stick, R.: The gene structure of Xenopus nuclear lamin A: a model for the evolution of A-type from B-type lamins by exon shuffling. Chromosoma 101 (9), pp. 566 - 574 (1992)
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