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Journal Article
Erber, A.; Riemer, D.; Hofemeister, H.; Bovenschulte, M.; Stick, R.; Panopoulou, G.; Lehrach, H.; Weber, K.: Characterization of the Hydra lamin and its gene; a molecular phylogeny of metazoan lamins. Journal of Molecular Evolution 49, pp. 260 - 271 (1999)
Journal Article
Erber, A.; Riemer, D.; Bovenschulte, M.; Weber, K.: Molecular phylogeny of metazoan intermediate filament proteins. Journal of Molecular Evolution 47, pp. 751 - 762 (1998)
Journal Article
Bovenschulte, M.; Weber, K.: Deuterostomic actin genes and the definition of the chordates: cDNA cloning and gene organization for cephalochordates and hemichordates. Journal of Molecular Evolution 45 (6), pp. 653 - 660 (1997)
Journal Article
Bovenschulte, M.; Riemer, D.; Weber, K.: The sequence of a cytoplasmic intermediate filament (IF) protein from theannelid Lumbricus terrestris emphasizes a distinctive feature of protostomic IF proteins. FEBS Letters 360 (3), pp. 223 - 226 (1995)
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