Press Releases

Marina Rodnina elected to the National Academy of Sciences
The academy honors the director with the admission as a Foreign Member for her innovative research on the structure and function of ribosomes - the protein factories of cells. (in German)

Alec Wodtke wins 2022 Ertl Lecture Prize
With this award, the prize committee honors the Max Planck director’s research contributions to a better understanding of the dynamic interactions between molecules and surfaces.

Hauke Hillen receives 2022 Research Award from the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation
Therewith, the foundation recognizes the outstanding scientific work of the research group leader which focus on the mechanisms and therapeutic potential of the molecular “copying machines” of viruses and mitochondria. (in German)

News & Multimedia

We are creating a biotope
Landscaper Ulrich Küneke explains the idea behind the BioDiversum and presents three of the measures: a renaturalized central area, the flowering meadows, and the pond.

Corona research at the institute
Several groups have launched projects to help manage the corona pandemic.

New antibodies for animal welfare
Alpacas have special antibodies which can be reduced to nanobodies. They have the potential to replace the most-used antibodies and drastically reduce animal numbers in antibody production.

Upcoming Seminars

campus seminar: Mitochondrial transcription and replication: Lazy and lively nucleoid subpopulations

Christian Brüser
May 25, 2022 11:00 - 12:00
Max-Planck-Institut für Multidisziplinäre Naturwissenschaften (MPI-NAT, Faßberg-Campus), Room: Online

Scientific Seminar: Surface Kinetics in the Real World: Applying multi-scale simulations to improve industrial ammonia oxidation on platinum catalysts

Martin Votsmeier
Jun 17, 2022 13:00 - 14:00
Max-Planck-Institut für Multidisziplinäre Naturwissenschaften (MPI-NAT, Faßberg-Campus), Room: Large seminar room, Fassberg Campus

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New at the Institute? Welcome!
On our portal for new institute members you find helpful information for a smooth start at our institute and in Göttingen.

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