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Lipid fibrils: A new building block for understanding Alzheimer's disease

Lipids play an important role in the development of Alzheimer's dementia. However, more details about this process were previously unknown. A team of scientists from Göttingen, Jülich, and Düsseldorf has now determined the atomic structures of lipid-fibril complexes for the first time. (in German) more

Discovery in Parkinson’s research: Lipids influence the formation of protein clumps

In Parkinson’s patients, alpha-synuclein proteins clump together to form fibrils, which presumably damage nerve cells. A research team has now shown how lipids bind to these fibrils and influence their arrangement. They also demonstrated how the drug candidate anle138b attaches to the lipidic fibrils. The findings could open up new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. more

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Yearbook Article (2010)
Lock pick or bunch of keys: what proteins and safecrackers have in common
Novel NMR spectroscopic parameters allowed to determine not only the average structure of the protein ubiquitin but in addition the description of a faithful ensemble of the protein in solution. The ensemble reflected especially the previously inaccessible time window between 5 ns and 50 µs. The ensemble revealed the mechanism of protein protein recognition for this protein. If this was general new strategies for modulation of protein protein recognition would open up that could be used for more efficient drug development. (in German) more
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