BMBF-Project (Single Molecule DNA Sequencing)
NMR methods are used to characterize modified nucleotides as well as DNA. Publications are planned for the future. (C. Griesinger)
Partner: Prof. Dr. Claus Seidel, University of Düsseldorf

NMR methods are developed and applied that allow to study interactions and aggregations of proteins and peptides. This is presently applied on ion channels as well as peptides responsible for neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Publications are planned for the future. (C. Griesinger)
Partner: Prof. Dr. Martin Suhm, University of Göttingen

DFG project: Structure and function of the membraneous fumarate sensor DcuS of Escherichia coli
NMR is applied to understand signaling of two component bacterial sensord through the membrane. Publications have appeared and are planned for the future. (Mainz)
Partner: Prof. Dr. Friedrich Unden, University of Mainz

We use NMR spectroscopy to determine the structure of natural compounds in an better way. Association with proteins are also in the focus of this research endeavour. Under the umbrella of the SFB we also develop new paramagnetic tags for oligonucleotides together with Prof. Diederichsen, University of Göttingen. (T. Carlomagno, C. Griesinger)
Partner: Prof. Dr. Lutz Tietze, University of Göttingen

Diffusionstensor-MRT in Therapie
Evaluation of novel therapies for neurodegenerative disorders with use of diffusion tensor MRI. (M. Baldus)
Partner: MPI for Experimental Medicine (Prof. Dr. H. Ehrenreich)

Structural Analysis of Polymer-Electrolyte Membranens using Solid-State-NMR
(M. Baldus)
Partner: Firma Sartorius AG, Göttingen

Volkswagen-Stiftung (gp 120)
Structural analysis of CD4-induced conformational epitopes on the external glycoprotein gp 120 of HIV-1 and identification of peptide ligands by phage displayed peptide libraries. (C. Griesinger)
Partner: PD. Dr. Ursula Dietrich, Georg-Speyer-Haus

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