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Journal Article
Oudelaar, A. M.; Harrold, C. L.; Hanssen, L. L. P.; Telenius, J. M.; Higgs, D. R.; Hughes, J. R.: A revised model for promoter competition based on multi-way chromatin interactions at the α-globin locus. Nature Coummunications 10, 5412 (2019)
Journal Article
Godfrey, L.; Crump, N. T.; Thorne, R.; Lau, I.-J.; Repapi, E.; Dimou, D.; Smith, A. L.; Harman, J. R.; Telenius, J. M.; Oudelaar, A. M. et al.; Downes, D. J.; Vyas, P.; Hughes, J. R.; Milne, T. A.: DOT1L inhibition reveals a distinct subset of enhancers dependent on H3K79 methylation. Nature Communications 10, 2803 (2019)
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