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Townsend, C.; Leelaram, M. N.; Agafonov, D. E.; Dybkov, O.; Will, C. L.; Bertram, K.; Urlaub, H.; Kastner, B.; Stark, H.; Lührmann, R.: Mechanism of protein-guided folding of the active site U2/U6 RNA during spliceosome activation. Science 370 (6523), eabc3753 (2020)
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Yip, K. M.; Fischer, N.; Paknia, E.; Chari, A.; Stark, H.: Atomic-resolution protein structure determination by cryo-EM. Nature 587 (7832), pp. 157 - 161 (2020)
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Rabe von Pappenheim, F.; Aldeghi, M.; Shome, B.; Begley, T.; de Groot, B. L.; Tittmann, K.: Structural basis for antibiotic action of the B1 antivitamin 2′-methoxy-thiamine. Nature Chemical Biology 16 (11), p. 1237-1245 (2020)
Journal Article
Bertram, K.; El Ayoubi, L.; Dybkov, O.; Agafonov, D.; Will, C. L.; Hartmuth, K.; Urlaub, H.; Kastner, B.; Stark, H.; Lührmann, R.: Structural insights into the roles of metazoan-specific splicing factors in the human step 1 spliceosome. Molecular Cell 80 (1), pp. 127 - 139.e6 (2020)
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Chan, K.-H.; Petrychenko, V.; Mueller, C.; Maracci, C.; Holtkamp, W.; Wilson, D. N.; Fischer, N.; Rodnina, M. V.: Mechanism of ribosome rescue by alternative ribosome-rescue factor B. Nature Communications 11, 4106 (2020)
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Ukmar-Godec, T.; Fang, P.; Ibáñez de Opakua, A.; Henneberg, F.; Godec, A.; Pan, K. T.; Cima-Omori, M.-S.; Chari, A.; Mandelkow, E.; Urlaub, H. et al.; Zweckstetter, M.: Proteasomal degradation of the intrinsically disordered protein tau at single-residue resolution. Science Advances 6 (30), eaba3916 (2020)
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Zhang, Z.; Will, C. L.; Bertram, K.; Dybkov, O.; Hartmuth, K.; Agafonov, D. E.; Hofele, R. V.; Urlaub, H.; Kastner, B.; Lührmann, R. et al.; Stark, H.: Molecular architecture of the human 17S U2 snRNP. Nature 583 (7815), pp. 310 - 313 (2020)
Journal Article
Singh, K.; Graf, B.; Linden, A.; Sautner, V.; Urlaub, H.; Tittmann, K.; Stark, H.; Chari, A.: Discovery of a regulatory subunit of the yeast fatty acid synthase. Cell 180 (6), pp. 1130 - 1143.e20 (2020)
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