Göttingen's Climate

Like all of Germany, Göttingen is in the temperate climate zone and has four seasons. Because of its central location, the city is often situated between two weather zones, thus the weather tends to be somewhat less stable than in other German areas. As a scholar from Minnesota who once lived here put it: if the national forecast calls for rain in the north and a sunny day in the south (or vice versa), Göttingen tends to be wherever the rain is. Clouds and rainy days are fairly common, though the total precipitation is about average for Germany. In Germany, the actual seasons vary quite a bit. Summers may be either very hot and sunny or cool and rainy. Winters can be very snowy and cold or mild and rainy. Make sure to bring warm sweaters and a winter coat as well as light summer clothes. Here is the statistical data (remember that Germany uses the Celsius scale):

  • Total mean temperature: 9.7°C
  • Days with highs above 25°C: 42
  • Days with highs above 30°C: 6
  • Days with lows below 0°C: 59
  • Total sunshine hours: 1,544
  • Total precipitation: 612mm
  • Days with precipitation: 204
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