Opening hours, Television & Radio

Shops: opening times

Opening hours are restricted, but have been considerably extended in recent years. In Göttingen, supermarkets (e. g. Real, Tegut, Rewe, Penny) and other large stores are open Monday through Saturday until 9 or 10 pm. Smaller shops usually close around 6 pm. All shops are closed on Sunday, except for gas stations and a couple of shops inside the train station. You can usually pay at all shops by EC card, but not always with a credit card.

Television and radio

Anyone staying longer than three months in Germany and owning a radio and/or television or internet-capable personal computer must register them and pay charges for the public radio and television program to the AZDBS (ARD ZDF German-country radio service for fees, former GEZ). Forms for registering and cancelling registration are available online or at the banks.

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