Pavel Pohl

Position: Postdoc

Home town: Litvinov, Czech Republic

Freetime favourites: music and nature


My scientific journey started at Jan Evangelista Purkyne University (Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic), where I studied general biology. My MSc thesis led me to the world of RNA, focusing on the role of small antisense RNAs in a bacterium of the genus Streptomyces and its possible use in the modulation of antibiotic production (under supervision of Dr. Jan Bobek, 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University, Prague). The fact that all of these small RNAs are processed by RNase III sparked my interest in the mechanistic principles of protein machines. My desire to learn more about the secrets of structural biology led me to the laboratory of Dr. Veronika Obsilova (Laboratory of Structural Biology of Signaling Proteins, Institute of Physiology of the CAS, Prague), where I dedicated my PhD to the study of 14-3-3 proteins and one of their interaction partners, the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2. Fascinated by the world of proteins and ubiquitination, I am continuing my journey as a postdoc in the Lorenz lab.

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