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Ostersehlt, L.-M.; Jans, D. C.; Wittek, A.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Inamdar, K.; Sahl, S.; Hell, S. W.; Jakobs, S.: DNA-PAINT MINFLUX nanoscopy. Nature Methods 19, pp. 1072 - 1075 (2022)
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Mihaila, T. S.; Bäte, C.; Ostersehlt, L. M.; Pape, J. K.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Sahl, S. J.; Hell, S. W.: Enhanced incorporation of subnanometer tags into cellular proteins for fluorescence nanoscopy via optimized genetic code expansion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 119 (29), e2201861119 (2022)
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Bates, M.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Przybylski, A.; Hüper, A.; Stephan, T.; Ilgen, P.; Cereceda Delgado, A.R.; D’Este, E.; Egner, A.; Jakobs, S. et al.; Sahl, S. J.; Hell, S. W.: Optimal precision and accuracy in 4Pi-STORM using dynamic spline PSF models. Nature Methods 19 (5), pp. 603 - 612 (2022)
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Brüser, C.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Jakobs, S.: The TFAM-to-mtDNA ratio defines inner-cellular nucleoid populations with distinct activity levels. Cell Reports 37 (8), 110000 (2021)
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Lohner, P.; Zmyslia, M.; Thurn, J.; Pape, J. K.; Gerasimaite, R.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Groeer, S.; Deuringer, B.; Süss, R.; Walther, A. et al.; Hell, S. W.; Lukinavičius, G.; Hugel, T.; Jessen-Trefzer, C.: Inside a shell – organometallic catalysis inside encapsulin nanoreactors. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 133 (44), pp. 24028 - 24034 (2021)
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Frahm, L.; Keller, J.; Alt, P.; Schnorrenberg, S.; Ruiz, M. D.; Aspelmeier, T.; Munk, A.; Jakobs, S.; Hell, S. W.: Molecular contribution function in RESOLFT nanoscopy. Optics Express 27 (15), pp. 21956 - 21987 (2019)
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Stoldt, S.; Stephan, T.; Jans, D. C.; Brüser, C.; Lange, F.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Riedel, D.; Hell, S. W.; Jakobs, S.: Mic60 exhibits a coordinated clustered distribution along and across yeast and mammalian mitochondria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (20), pp. 9853 - 9858 (2019)
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Bucevicius, J.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Gilat, T.; Hell, S. W.; Lukinavicius, G.: Rhodamine-Hoechst positional isomers for highly efficient staining of heterochromatin. Chemical Science 10 (7), pp. 1962 - 1970 (2019)
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Masch, J. M.; Steffens, H.; Fischer, J.; Engelhardt, J.; Hubrich, J.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; D'Este, E.; Urban, N. T.; Grant, S. G. N.; Sahl, S. J. et al.; Kamin, D.; Hell, S. W.: Robust nanoscopy of a synaptic protein in living mice by organic-fluorophore labeling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (34), pp. E8047 - E8056 (2018)
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Heine, J.; Wurm, C. A.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Schönle, A.; Harke, B.; Reuss, M.; Winter, F. R.; Donnert, G.: Three dimensional live-cell STED microscopy at increased depth using a water immersion objective. Review of Scientific Instruments 89 (5), 053701 (2018)
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Przybylski, A.; Thiel, B.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Stock, B.; Bates, M.: Gpufit: An open-source toolkit for GPU-accelerated curve fitting. Scientific Reports 7, 15722 (2017)
Journal Article
Chmyrov, A.; Leutenegger, M.; Grotjohann, T.; Schönle, A.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Kastrup, L.; Jakobs, S.; Donnert, G.; Sahl, S. J.; Hell, S. W.: Achromatic light patterning and improved image reconstruction for parallelized RESOLFT nanoscopy. Scientific Reports 7, 44619 (2017)
Journal Article
Sahl, S. J.; Balzarotti, F.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Leutenegger, M.; Westphal, V.; Egner, A.; Lavoie-Cardinal, F.; Chmyrov, A.; Grotjohann, T.; Jakobs, S.: Comment on "Extended-resolution structured illumination imaging of endocytic and cytoskeletal dynamics". Science 352 (6285), 527a (2016)

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Weber, M.; von der Emde, H.; Leutenegger, M.; Gunkel, P.; Cordes, V. C.; Sambandan, S.; Khan, T. A.; Keller-Findeisen, J.; Hell, S. W.: MINSTED nanoscopy enters the Ångström localization range. (2022)
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