Publications of J. Andreani

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Journal Article
Bäjen, C.; Andreani, J.; Torkler, P.; Battaglia, S.; Schwalb, B.; Lidschreiber, M.; Maier, K. C.; Boltendahl, A.; Rus, P.; Esslinger, S. et al.; Söding, J.; Cramer, P.: Genome-wide analysis of RNA polymerase II termination at protein-coding genes. Molecular Cell 66 (1), pp. 38 - 49 (2017)
Journal Article
Andreani, J.; Söding, J.: bbcontacts: Prediction of β-strand pairing from direct coupling patterns. Bioinformatics 31 (11), pp. 1729 - 1737 (2015)
Journal Article
Wickles, S.; Singharoy, A.; Andreani, J.; Seemayer, S.; Bischoff, L.; Berninghausen, O.; Söding, J.; Schulten, K.; van der Sluis, E. O.; Beckmann, R.: A structural model of the active ribosome-bound membrane protein insertase YidC. eLife 3, e03035 (2014)
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