Publications of Jorge Fernández-Trillo

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Tomczak, A. P.; Fernández-Trillo, J.; Bharill, S.; Papp, F.; Panyi, G.; Stühmer, W.; Isacoff, E. Y.; Pardo, L. A.: A new mechanism of voltage-dependent gating exposed by Kν10.1 channels interrupted between voltage sensor and pore. Journal of general physiology 149 (5), pp. 577 - 593 (2017)
Journal Article
Lörinczi, E.; Gómez-Posada, J. C.; de la Peña, P.; Tomczak, A. P.; Fernández-Trillo, J.; Leipscher, U.; Stühmer, W.; Barros, F.; Pardo, L. A.: Voltage-dependent gating of KCNH potassium channels lacking a covalent link between voltage-sensing and pore domains. Nature Communications 6, 7672 (2015)
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