Publications of L. von Rueden

Journal Article (7)

Journal Article
von Rueden, L.; Garcia, A. G.; Lopez, M.: The mechanism of Ba(2+)-induced exocytosis from single chromaffin cells. FEBS Letters 336 (1), pp. 48 - 52 (1993)
Journal Article
von Rueden, L.; Neher, E.: A Ca-dependent early step in the release of catecholamines from adrenal chromaffin cells. Science 262 (5136), pp. 1061 - 1065 (1993)
Journal Article
Heinemann, C.; von Rueden, L.; Chow, R. H.; Neher, E.: A two-step model of secretion control in neuroendocrine cells. Pflugers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 424 (2), pp. 105 - 112 (1993)
Journal Article
von Rueden, L.; Neher, E.: Secretion as well as the supply of release ready granules is calcium dependent. Biophysical Journal 64 (2), p. A189 - A189 (1993)
Journal Article
Creutz, C. E.; Moss, S.; Edwardson, J. M.; Hide, I.; Gomperts, B.; Schiavo, G.; Nevalainen, L.; von Rueden, L.; Fletcher, L.; Bartels, F. et al.; Waschulewski, I.; Buccione, R.; Pinxteren, J.; Magnus, C.: Differential recognition of secretory vesicles by annexins. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 184 (1), pp. 347 - 352 (1992)
Journal Article
Chow, R. H.; von Rueden, L.; Neher, E.: Delay in vesicle fusion revealed by electrochemical monitoring of single secretory events in adrenal chromaffin cells. Nature 356 (6364), pp. 60 - 63 (1992)
Journal Article
von Rueden, L.; Chow, R. H.; Neher, E.: Detection of single vesicle release. FASEB Journal 6 (1), p. A500 - A500 (1992)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Neher, E.; von Rueden, L.: Depression and augmentation of quantal release in adrenal chromaffin cells. In: MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR MECHANISMS OF NEUROTRANSMITTER RELEASE, Vol. 29, pp. 353 - 362. LIPPINCOTT-RAVEN PUBL, PHILADELPHIA (1994)
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